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By Provincial Grand Master
R.W. Bro. Derek A. Brennan

On July 2nd 2022 The Provincial Grand Lodge of the Metropolitan Area (PGLMA) was constituted by the Grand Master M.W. Bro. Douglas T. Grey.
The PGLMA is the first Provincial Grand Lodge to be constituted on Irish soil for 152 years, and I had the great honour of being installed as the first Provincial Grand Master.
I would like to especially thank the Grand Master and Grand Lodge for their support and assistance - which has been invaluable, I would also like to thank the incoming officers of the PGLMA for their hard work and dedication behind the scenes.
As Provincial Grand Master I would like launch our TEAM initiative:
     T - training
     E - education
     A - assistance with events
     M - membership

Fellow Craft Day 2023

The Provincial Grand Lodge is pleased to announce that there will be a Fellow Craft Day on Saturday 15th April.

Metropolitan Lodges who have Brethren eligible to receive their Fellow Craft degree and wish to avail of the opportunity of having candidates passed to the degree of FC should contact the PGLMA  secretary@pglma.com as soon as possible. Places are limited and will are on a first come first served basis.

For planning we need to know each individual Brothers full name, and the date of his EA degree, obviously candidates should have previously indicted their availability for Saturday 15th April.

The FC degrees will be done by a volunteer hosting Lodge, where degrees will be done in groups of three, pre-booking essential.

Light refreshments will be served after each session.

If your Lodge is interested, please book places as soon as possible.

Ritual Classes 2023

The Provincial Grand Lodge is pleased to announce the return of the Metropolitan Ritual Class.

The class will be held at 7pm on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Mondays, October 2022 to February 2023, except public holidays. Classes will be held in Freemasons’ Hall, Molesworth Street. The classes are casual, friendly with a relaxed dress code, and all Masons are welcome to attend.

The Ritual class is an excellent way to try Masonic ritual informally and to practice for upcoming officer roles.

Lodge Two & Lodge 981 Duelling Day

Lodge Two & Lodge No. 981 duelling day, on Saturday, 28th. January, 2023, from 4pm to 6pm in the Freemasons’ Hall, No. 17 – 19, Molesworth Street, Dublin 2.

The day will involve an introduction to the history and ritual of pistol and sword duelling, demonstration of same (with a gratuity collection thereafter in each case) and the opportunity to challenge anyone present to a pistol duel under the ‘Clonmel Code Duello’ (appropriate insults provided on the day).

Open to all Masons or non-Masons, minimum age for duelling is to be big enough to wield a weapon.

Entry to this event is €5 per adult and children are free entry. Duelling entry is €5 per dual for adults and  €1 per dual for children paid by the challenger in each case.

This is a zero-cost event so all proceeds will be going to charity. 

Pre-registration is not required however it would be appreciated if we had some expression of numbers in advance where possible

Future PGLMA meetings

The Provincial Grand Lodge of the Metropolitan Area will meet on the following dates in 2023:

Thursday, April 13th at 7pm.

Saturday, July 15th at 2pm, followed by the Metropolitan Summer BBQ

Thursday, October 5th at 7pm

All PGLMA meetings are open to Master Masons and are held in the Grand Lodge Room, Molesworth Street. The Metropolitan Summer BBQ is open to all Masons and non-Masons alike.

Inaugural PGLMA meeting

The Inaugural Provincial Grand Lodge of the Metropolitan Area meeting was held on Saturday August 20th 2022 in the Grand Lodge Room.

At this meeting, the remaining officers of The Provincial Grand Lodge were installed, and The Provincial Grand Master put forward his vision for the future, along with a program of events being supported by the PGLMA.

The charity collection amounted to €1,140

Provincial Summer BBQ 2022

The 2022 Summer BBQ was held on Saturday August 20th which immediately followed the Provincial Grand Lodge meeting, it was attended by 120 guests who enjoyed a splendid BBQ in the afternoon sunshine.

The raffle raised €1,100 for the charities.

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